Chitralis want ruthless acountabilty

Chitral — The ongoing issue of corruption in Pakistan and absence of accountability has also affected Chitralis who hitherto indifferent about it, have now started speaking about the matter openly, specially after the Panama leaks.

Some Chitralis opine that the army should take over and conduct ruthless accountability, while some quote the past military rulers failure to fulfill their promise despite making tall claims at the time of takeover.

Some feel that the accountability experiment by PTI government in KPK has also fizzled out. A few highly educated Chitralis opined that individuals cannot do anything and we must not pin high hopes on any one person unless the system is tailored to curb corruption through an elaborate accountability system inherently built in it.

Different point of views by different people were observed, but all were in agreement on one point and that is that corruption has become too rampant in Pakistan and it must be checked somehow if Pakistan has to move ahead.

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