Chitral depriving itself of exotic vegetables, fruits

Chitral — Chitral enjoys a?cool temperate steppe climate which is most suitable for a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Whereas traditional vegetables such as potato, tomato, onion, garlic, spinach, okra,lettuce, pumpkin, brinjal etc are cultivated?in Chitral since ages, but the place has not been introduced to exotic vegetables like asparagus, artichoke, beetroot, broccoli, saffron, etc, which are ideally suited for Chitral like climate and grown in abundance in the Mediterranean belt of North Africa which lies at the same latitude and enjoys the same climatic conditions.
Olive a staple product of the same region has recently been introduced in the southern parts of Chitral and seems a successful experiment.

It is sad?to point out that the Agriculture Research Institute which is established in Chitral since long in a large?premise with many employees has not made any contribution to the improvement of Agriculture in Chitral through research or motivation of the farmers. It is imperative that institutions like this one should be closely monitored for performance and in case of non deliverance?they should be closed down to reduce the burden on the national exchequer. — CN report, 06 Dec 2016

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