Are Chitralis lesser beings?

Dear Sir,

After having read your post in Urdu about the case of a collapsed  bridge in China, I could not restrain myself from expressing my views about the menial state of affairs in Chitral.

A bridge has collapsed in Kosht drowning three persons whose bodies have even not been found yet. The way most political leaders have reacted to the incident of crime is absolutely disgraceful.

The MPA of the area has given a triumphant statement stating that the CM has agreed to repair the bridge and give jobs to the children of the deceased. He has not even demanded an inquiry into the matter. What a shame. Why to blame others when our own elders and representatives lack the guts and the acumen to speak out what needs to be spoken out. No wonder Chitralis are considered lesser beings by the government  and all outsiders.

I appeal to the government to hold an inquiry and punish the culprits like the Chinese did as mentioned in your post namely دنیا کا بہترین علاج before anything else.

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