… and you want them to pay more tax

Picture by S Hareer Shah

گرم چشمہ:  قیامت کے روز پل صراط عبور کرنے کی پریکٹس ‘ حکومت پاکستان کے تعاون سے

Chitral — The people of Chitral are living in the 18th century, at least as far as communications infrastructure is concerned. Come summer, roads get washed away and road links severed to the valleys and villages and people have to undergo travelling at the peril of their lives. Recent case of girls falling off a dilapidated bridge and other similar cases related to poor road infrastructure are a normal affair in Chitral.

With such service standard, how can the government of Pakistan even think of imposing additional taxes on the people of Chitral, where they are already paying indirect taxes even on a match box or a packet of biscuits.

Chitral is totally different from the rest of Malakand division and uniquely remains deprived of basic human facilities including even an all weather road connection with the rest of the country. It is therefore only fair to consider Chitral separately from the other districts of Malakand division when any proposition of tax imposition is considered.

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