A much needed Change

Since independence 1947, Pakistan has been made a laboratory of politics where the general public has been subjugate under each phase of time. The vision that the great leaders had for Pakistan was never visualized on ground by the political leadership of our country. Keeping aside the Islamic mode of governance and being reluctant to the Islamic injunctions they have proved to be good students of Micavillen Politics. Yet another western philosopher says man is by nature very selfish. This has been witnessed throughout the course of history/

The unstable nature of politics is not a new phenomenon for example, Italy sees changes in the political leadership very often but what remains constant is the system of governance which leads to continuity of good policies. But in our case the whole country is burnt for to please a single politician.

Examples not necessary! Here in Pakistan the values change once a certain political party exits and the other makes entry. The democratic traditions have not been given a chance to nourish, as we all hear and read but the question is ‘Whether that guarantees good governance?’ to be honest to ourselves it doesn’t. Once you make goals based present policies (the incremental approach) it saves the precious time and money and labor. Unfortunately we our elected leadership had never acted on our behalf.

Even if some MNAs from the common folk make their way to NA, where policies are made for the country, they don’t have a say in the process of policy making. The biggest trauma with our country is perhaps the National Assembly is a house full of feudal lords. When the elites act on behalf of the common man they do not come down the problems of general public rather they have something else in their minds, to perpetuate their aim they make policies apparently for the benefit of the people but in the long run they don’t even give a damn to the issues of the poor public. Let’s take one example, since ages it has been the demand of the people that there should be a uniform standard of education for all. Rarely it has been discussed by the policy makers but it has never been to their interest that’s why they never come up with concrete measures regarding thereof.

Now if the country is outsourced (Ministers, CM, PM, the president etc.) then the notion of democracy fades away. It would be a new social contract keeping the older aside where the masses expressed their opinion through polls to elect their leaders. But here in Pakistan leaders are born (in the same families astonishingly) never made. The masses super impose their so-called cherished leaders and they don’t look for a change. We need to exorcize out the apathetic and literally illiterate politician if we want to be in the race of prosperous nations. Mr, Fardad Ali Shah’s ‘Suggestion for a system of governance in Pakistan’ shows a paradigm shift in the make up of governments and political institutions.

Though models like polycracy have evolved in countries like the United States but it seems to be a futile exercise as well. The essence of good governance lies in the notion that the masses should benefit as they are the real stakeholder of all the policies being made. But democracy has remained a lucrative business for a few interest groups in the society and ignoring the majority. For any system of governance tailored to the needs of the nation it is indispensable must that there is a public realization. Until and unless the public does not heed to the problems and issues related to the system of governance in rule nothing handy could evolve.

The genesis of a good system of governance is the realization by the masses and a foreseeing acumen that would make clear the pros and cons of a particular group in rule or system in use. On the contrary our nation has remained blind wittingly with a bias of political loyalties. This die hard approach has created political elite which does not even practice democracy within their own party. The concept of vote banks for particular candidates makes the democracy good for nothing.

Keeping in view the track records of political systems tried out in Pakistan one can easily see what are the forces that have been severe impediment in the way of good governance. Flush out the feudal lords from politics and the country is sorted!!

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