‘Billion tree Tsunami’ versus Timber graveyard in Chitral

Published on: 01/09/2019 | Comments: 1 comment 

CHITRAL: According to the vision of Prime minister Imran Khan, the government has launched the ‘Billion tree Sunami’ program and trees have been planted in good numbers.

No doubt on that, however, the preservation of existing trees has been grossly overlooked and the picture shows a graveyard of felled trees in the form of Timber at Nagar, Mirkhani in South Chitral.

Timber graveyard
A massive Timber Graveyard in Chitral

The timber piled in the picture may have been felled after getting official permit, but the issuance of permits to massacre forests itself is questionable and against the spirit of the Billion trees Tsunami scheme.

With so many resources available today and technological advancements providing alternatives for the use of wood, the defiling of forests under any pretext is a condemnable act and should be stopped forthwith.

There should be complete ban on cutting trees and deforestation for the next fifty years and those people who would be affected financially because of this should be compensated adequately. If people cut forests it is not because they hate trees but because they consider it a source of income, so if the source of income is provided alternatively, the act of deforestation can be stopped effectively. .. CN report, 01 Sep 2019

Save Chitral by conserving forests -Sartaj

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Chitral — Chairman CCDN Sartaj Ahmad Khan demanded from the Federal and Provincial governments and the Chief Justice to immediately impose a ban on cutting firewood and in lieu provide electricity from Golen Gol power station at production cost which is Rs one per unit, to consumers so that deforestation is stopped. He said the govt has to give some sacrifice to arrest the climate disaster.

Sartaj also demanded a ban on deforestation for the purpose of timber harvesting. He said the condition of glaciers and slopes in Chitral had become precarious and can trigger large scale destruction if immediate measures are not taken. He said 26 thousand tons of firewood is sold in the market annually while that does not reach market is beside this. He stressed that the only way to stop deforestation for firewood is to provide cheap electricity so that people can cook and heat their homes without harming the environment.

President Chamber of Commerce Haider Ali Shah, District Naib Nazim Molana Abdul Shakoor and civil society notables were present on the occasion.??.. CN report, 14 Aug 2018

G-B confiscates timber worth billions

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In a major crackdown, seen first time in decades, Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) administration has confiscated timber worth billions of rupees in Sai-Jaglote area of Gilgit district.

The seized timber, estimated to be around 0.5 million cft, is currently being shifted to forest depots in Parri area under strict supervision from administration, police and forest department officials.
While the logging in the area continuing since 1988, it?s the first time action has been taken on it, says a community elder appreciating the authorities.
Source:? https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?