Save Chitral by conserving forests -Sartaj

Chitral — Chairman CCDN Sartaj Ahmad Khan demanded from the Federal and Provincial governments and the Chief Justice to immediately impose a ban on cutting firewood and in lieu provide electricity from Golen Gol power station at production cost which is Rs one per unit, to consumers so that deforestation is stopped. He said the govt has to give some sacrifice to arrest the climate disaster.

Sartaj also demanded a ban on deforestation for the purpose of timber harvesting. He said the condition of glaciers and slopes in Chitral had become precarious and can trigger large scale destruction if immediate measures are not taken. He said 26 thousand tons of firewood is sold in the market annually while that does not reach market is beside this. He stressed that the only way to stop deforestation for firewood is to provide cheap electricity so that people can cook and heat their homes without harming the environment.

President Chamber of Commerce Haider Ali Shah, District Naib Nazim Molana Abdul Shakoor and civil society notables were present on the occasion.??.. CN report, 14 Aug 2018

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