Where are the NGOs that are funded for women empowerment?

Published on: 24/02/2018 | Comments: 5 comments 

Dear Sir,
There is continued opposition by some politico-religious people to the establishment of a ladies exclusive market in Chitral city. Just today the district body of Jamiat Ulema Islam met and their main agenda included unity within the party and show resistance to the upcoming facility for women. The molana sahiban well know though that they have no public support on this issue.? I was wondering, if the politiclerics are so much vocal in opposing the idea for whatever reason (at least not for Islam), where are the NGOs who are getting heavy funds in the name of women empowerment in Chitral? If they are also not in favour of such a facility they should openly declare so. Otherwise they should at least raise voice to protect the rights of women on whose name they are getting funds.

Having theoretical seminars and workshops is one thing but of what use are these seminars and workshops when the time has come to put women empowerment on ground and they are seen nowhere.. I am sure when the dust settles and the market gets going, they will appear to claim their part of the pie for it’s achievement. This is not fair.

Educated women, other than the women NGOs also must raise their voice for their rights. It is understandable that in Chitral the time has not come when women can express themselves openly in the press or on social media etc but at least they can ask their father, brothers, uncles etc to speak on their behalf.

A women’s pardah market with women shopkeepers is in accordance wiith the best principles of Islam?and the easiest thing to defend, morally and technically. Those who are opposing it are in fact opposing pardah and thereby committing disrespect to Islamic injunctions. These people have no moral authority, neither public support and are thus on a very weak wicket. The only weapon they have is the nuisance value. Such people are deliberately serving male shopkeepers who are selling women’s private apparel and requisites which is against Islamic teachings. Why can’t the women folk get organised by the women NGOs, women politicians and activists to express this truth and do service to Islam and to themselves.? .. Nasiruddin, Chitral 24 Feb 2018

Chitral-the land of seminars, workshops, meetings

Published on: 26/08/2016 | Comments: 3 comments 

Chitral — Counting the many peculiarities of Chitral, it can be mentioned that it is a land of seminars, workshops and meetings. NGO’s hold seminars on regular basis in expensive hotels and after the “nishastan, guftan, barkhastan’ and praying “Allah Allah, Khairs Allah” they go their way. If seminars were to be the gauge for performance of NGOs, every NGO in Chitral would emerge an ace and a champion performer. However the actual situation on ground and that projected in seminars and presentations have a decent distance between them.

Guest speakers come from down country to attend/speak in the seminars and return home after enjoying the refreshing weather and sight seeing; but for whom the seminars are held, continue to suffer lack of basic amenities, vis a vis electricity crisis, potable water, health facilities being some to mention.

One erstwhile dissident from a leading NGO, speaking to CN said if all the money spent on NGO’s seminars, meetings and workshops since their inception was distributed among the people of Chitral individually, every Chitrali would have been a rich person and much better off than what he/she is today.

In Chitral, seminars and meetings are not sole propriety of NGOs only. Even petty politicians, organisations are also very fond of ‘poor man seminars’ called meetings, in their own capacity. Many a times meetings like seminars end as if it was an end in itself and was solution to the problem, as no follow up is seen after the seminar/meeting and the issue stands as it was. — CN report, 26 Aug 2016.