Where are the NGOs that are funded for women empowerment?

Dear Sir,
There is continued opposition by some politico-religious people to the establishment of a ladies exclusive market in Chitral city. Just today the district body of Jamiat Ulema Islam met and their main agenda included unity within the party and show resistance to the upcoming facility for women. The molana sahiban well know though that they have no public support on this issue.? I was wondering, if the politiclerics are so much vocal in opposing the idea for whatever reason (at least not for Islam), where are the NGOs who are getting heavy funds in the name of women empowerment in Chitral? If they are also not in favour of such a facility they should openly declare so. Otherwise they should at least raise voice to protect the rights of women on whose name they are getting funds.

Having theoretical seminars and workshops is one thing but of what use are these seminars and workshops when the time has come to put women empowerment on ground and they are seen nowhere.. I am sure when the dust settles and the market gets going, they will appear to claim their part of the pie for it’s achievement. This is not fair.

Educated women, other than the women NGOs also must raise their voice for their rights. It is understandable that in Chitral the time has not come when women can express themselves openly in the press or on social media etc but at least they can ask their father, brothers, uncles etc to speak on their behalf.

A women’s pardah market with women shopkeepers is in accordance wiith the best principles of Islam?and the easiest thing to defend, morally and technically. Those who are opposing it are in fact opposing pardah and thereby committing disrespect to Islamic injunctions. These people have no moral authority, neither public support and are thus on a very weak wicket. The only weapon they have is the nuisance value. Such people are deliberately serving male shopkeepers who are selling women’s private apparel and requisites which is against Islamic teachings. Why can’t the women folk get organised by the women NGOs, women politicians and activists to express this truth and do service to Islam and to themselves.? .. Nasiruddin, Chitral 24 Feb 2018

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  1. The lady MPA and presidents women wings of all political parties should not keep quite on this. What service can be more appropriate for them than defending women’s rights.

  2. Nasiruddin sb, I have released three video messages about this issue and the said ulema. Please join me on facebook and watch them. I think for a better outreach we must raise voice in Urdu if not in khowar. I have released videos in khowar. As far as NGOs are concerned, on the basis of my long experience of working with them, they never get involved in any controversial issues. Rather they are told to make sure not to take part or be a party in such issues. Probably you are mixing up the women right organisations with NGOs. As such there is no such organisation existing in Chitral. Yes it is strange on the part of women to keep their lips sealed on this issue. It is me, you and may be few others who are out there to fight the war of female segment of Chitrali society, I don’t know for what. I have even got threats from seniors of Jamat Islami in particular. Hope you will join me on FB (khalil Jughooru) page. Good comment, keep it up.. Once again I would like to tell you through personal experience that no employee of NGO is allowed to participate in this cold, war. They however can do a lot indirectly.

  3. This unreasonable opposition for a noble cause is highly condemnable and must be resisted at every level of society. We can not afford leaving field open to these obstinate few who want to dictate us how to live our lives. We shall not allow them to deprive women of their basic rights. They are opposing the only women market at the behest of JUI and Ji associated shopkeepers who will be losing their women customers.

  4. Most shopkeepers who are selling women’s undergarments etc in Chitral bazaar’s shops are young men who set up these shops not so much for business as much for seeing/conversing with women regarding their personal requirements. Unfortunately many such shopkeepers are also associated with religious parties who do not want their ‘business’ to suffer. The only sufferers are purdah observing women who do not wish to shop in men’s shops and want women shopkeepers in a purdah environment.

  5. There are more burning and important issues for political parties to combat. These include struggle for good governance, eradication of corruption , extreme poverty, unemployment, eradication of drugs and effective utilisation of financial resources both in public and private sectors, eradication of culture of nepotism and favouritism and many others. There are many problems and challenges faced by womenfolk both in Chitral and across Pakistan. These include equal opportunity for education, employment,businesses and a minimum of freedom to upheld divergent views than those maintained by male patriarchs and the opportunity and encouragement to hold political and public offices. These core issues and challenges for women are more burning than the issue of opening of a separate shopping centre. Again, if a separate shopping centre has been planned and established then there appears no reason to oppose it tooth and nail. Is it not good that women will come to a specific place, get their shopping without mingling with male and take the route back to their homes. I wonder why political parties, who claim to be modern and liberal in their manifestos, such as PPP, ANP and different branches of PML are not saying anything in favour of opening of a separate shopping centre for women!

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