Why did a ‘Women Exclusive’ market project not succeed in Chitral?

Published on: 07/09/2018 | Comments: No comments 

Dear Sir,
I was sad to see that the market dedicated to women shopkeepers and women shoppers established in Chitral town has been closed down reportedly for lack of interest from women shopkeepers. The reasons could be many but what I see as main reasons are following two:

  1. The clerics opposed the establishment of such market as they saw it as a source of empowerment of women which would prove a direct challenge to their hegemonic authority over this weaker segment of the society. They are even opposed to women leaving houses for any reason, but can’t stop that after trying, so they opposed the women market tooth and nail.
  2. The liberals including NGOs and other like minded people, instead of encouraging, tacitly discouraged the said market as according to them women already visit the mixed open markets and clerics have failed to stop them, therefore according to them restricting women to segregated market would be a regressive step.
  3. The District Administration of the time and the Chamber Of commerce despite starting off with a grand conference full of NGO ladies and bankers appreciating and promising to support the project, abruptly withdrew their support for the project for most probably due to any one or both of the above mentioned reasons
  4. ?I would nevertheless like to mention that I saw some staunch support for the project from facebook users but in a place like Chitral that does not help much in practical terms.Whatever the reason, a good intended social benefit project has been killed by the apathy of the people who could have helped it.? .. Faridul Haq, Chitral 07 Sep 2017

JUI, JI leaders threaten movement against ‘Ladies only’ market

Published on: 19/02/2018 | Comments: 5 comments 

Chitral : A meeting of JUI and JI leaders chaired by heads of both parties was held at a local mosque to oppose the establishment of a ladies exclusive shipping mall in Chitral city. After discussion, a resolution was passed asking the district administration to stop the establishment of such a facility as it will create law and order situation for which the administration will be responsible. They denied any such resolution being passed in the district council as is being reported in the social media, demanding such market, they said. The resolution said if the proposal went ahead they would launch a movement against it. .. CN report, 19 Feb 2018

Nazim expresses concern over shop breaks in Chitral Bazars

Published on: 25/08/2016 | Comments: 1 comment 

Chitral — Nadir Khan, naib nazim VC Balach, Chitral town has in a press statement expressed concern over the increasing cases of shop breaks in Chitral Bazars and markets during night time. He said police has identified the culprits in a number of cases but the occurrences of shop breaks have increased instead of ceasing. He demanded more police patrolling and monitoring during night time. He also demanded marking the mid line of the bypass road and constructing footpath on it to prevent accidents. — BH Azad, 25 Aug 2016