JUI, JI leaders threaten movement against ‘Ladies only’ market

Chitral : A meeting of JUI and JI leaders chaired by heads of both parties was held at a local mosque to oppose the establishment of a ladies exclusive shipping mall in Chitral city. After discussion, a resolution was passed asking the district administration to stop the establishment of such a facility as it will create law and order situation for which the administration will be responsible. They denied any such resolution being passed in the district council as is being reported in the social media, demanding such market, they said. The resolution said if the proposal went ahead they would launch a movement against it. .. CN report, 19 Feb 2018

5 thoughts on “JUI, JI leaders threaten movement against ‘Ladies only’ market

  1. It is unbelievable how a bunch of people compel the vast majority to live according to their dictates. This is the sign of an uncivilized society. If allowed to continue there is no end to this nonsense. The state must establish it’s writ and any one hampering any other person to establish a legal business is an offence under the constitution and the authorities should promptly proceed against the miscreants.

  2. For the first time I am hearing clerics opposing segregation and parda for women and preferring them mixing up with ‘na muhrim’ men in shops. This is the sign of end of times (Qiamat)

  3. Dear Molana sahiban, you have tried your best in the past but could not stop women from visiting the Bazaar. Today women shop freely in Chitral bazars. You can see them every where. That you have failed in persuading women to abstain from visiting bazars, isn’t it better that when they are in the bazar, they shop in segregated environment in a gated market with female shopkeepers instead of being compelled to shop in the open bazar with men shopkeepers.

    1. Shahid sb, you are wasting your words by addressing in English, because it looks like except for Mufti Sibghatullah, other molvi sahiban don’t understand the language.

  4. We must confront these fasadis with an iron hand. They are acting against the constitution of Pakistan and our basic rights. They are doing this at the behest of shop keepers associated with these parties. We should not allow them to misuse religion for their vested interest and the district authorities should deal with them strictly.

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