Need for a ‘true’ Islamic political party

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Dear Sir,
There are many political parties in Pakistan who call themselves Islamic. All of them are although working under different brands dominated by sects sub sects, divisions etc but all have one thing in common — and that is that? unfortunately none of them live up to the grand and magnanimous name of the Islam which our Holy Prophet (pbuh) had preached and practiced.

When it comes to worldly matters like trying to get into power or gaining benefits of kinds, we find them no different from the other political parties who do not use the name of Islam for their politics. This is most unfortunate. The name of Islam is being used but the basic? principals of Islam are not being followed by these parties. The most they show themselves to be Islamic is by wearing beards or a particular attire or offering collective prayers in public.

To uphold the true image of Islam, I suggest there should evolve a ‘true’ Islamic political party which should prove itself a genuine one by practicing the golden principals of Islam in their personal lives and in their politics. Some of these principals are;? to be truthful, reliable, honest, kind, compassionate, tolerant, and beneficent to mankind and the world. These attributes are not anything unusual or undoable. These are just those which were preached and practiced by the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The present so called Islamic parties do not come close to meeting any of the attributes mentioned above, therefore do not deserve to call themselves Islamic. Any party meeting the above standards would be truly deservant of being called an Islamic Party.? .. Faridul Haq, Chitral, 04 Nov 2019.

Ireland ‘leads the world in Islamic values as Muslim states lag’

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Ireland embodies Islamic beliefs, according to survey

Ireland best embodies Islamic beliefs, according to survey Photo: Rex (file photo: County Kerry, Ireland)

A study of 208 countries and territories has found that the top countries in both economic achievement and social values are Ireland, Demark, Luxembourg and New Zealand. Britain also ranks in the top ten.

The first Muslim-majority nation is Malaysia ranking at 33, while the only other state in the top 50 is Kuwait at 48.

Hossein Askari, an Iranian-born professor of International Business and International Affairs at George Washington University, said Muslim countries used religion as an instrument of state control. He said: ?We must emphasise that many countries that profess Islam and are called Islamic are unjust, corrupt, and underdeveloped and are in fact not ?Islamic? by any stretch of the imagination.

?Looking at an index of Economic Islamicity, or how closely the policies and achievements of countries reflect Islamic economic teachings – Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, Norway, and Belgium round up the first 10?.

?If a country, society, or community displays characteristics such as unelected, corrupt, oppressive, and unjust rulers, inequality before the law, unequal opportunities for human development, absence of freedom of choice (including that of religion), opulence alongside poverty, force, and aggression as the instruments of conflict resolution as opposed to dialogue and reconciliation, and, above all, the prevalence of injustice of any kind, it is prima facie evidence that it is not an Islamic community,? he said.

An Overall Islamicity Index analysing social rules and human rights measures found that similar rankings were generated in 2010.

“New Zealand, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands; and again only Malaysia (38) and Kuwait (48) make it into the top 50 from Muslim countries,? he said. ?Islam is, and has been for centuries, the articulation of the universal love of Allah for his creation and for its unity, and all that this implies for all-encompassing human and economic development.”? .. Source

How the world looks at Pakistan, Molana Sherani

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How the world looks at Pakistan according to Molana Sherani, prominent Pakistani politician and Chairman Islamic Idelology Council ( in Pushto, with subtitles in English)

MCB Islamic Bank launches services in Chitral

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The recently set up MCB Islamic Bank located at Ataliq Bazar Bye pass road, Chitral City has started operations.? General Manager MCB Islamic Bank KPK Usman Javed, talking to CN said the Bank would strive to provide outclass service to it’s clients. A formal inauguration ceremony would be held at a later he said, however the Bank has effectively started it’s operations as of today, he stated.


Comment:??”It is easy to open a shop but difficult to keep it open”- Chinese proverb.? Inaugural ceremony falls in the first category. We would appreciate if the new bank instead lays more stress on daily efficient service. Good luck. .. Ahmad Ali, Chitral.