Need for a ‘true’ Islamic political party

Dear Sir,
There are many political parties in Pakistan who call themselves Islamic. All of them are although working under different brands dominated by sects sub sects, divisions etc but all have one thing in common — and that is that? unfortunately none of them live up to the grand and magnanimous name of the Islam which our Holy Prophet (pbuh) had preached and practiced.

When it comes to worldly matters like trying to get into power or gaining benefits of kinds, we find them no different from the other political parties who do not use the name of Islam for their politics. This is most unfortunate. The name of Islam is being used but the basic? principals of Islam are not being followed by these parties. The most they show themselves to be Islamic is by wearing beards or a particular attire or offering collective prayers in public.

To uphold the true image of Islam, I suggest there should evolve a ‘true’ Islamic political party which should prove itself a genuine one by practicing the golden principals of Islam in their personal lives and in their politics. Some of these principals are;? to be truthful, reliable, honest, kind, compassionate, tolerant, and beneficent to mankind and the world. These attributes are not anything unusual or undoable. These are just those which were preached and practiced by the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The present so called Islamic parties do not come close to meeting any of the attributes mentioned above, therefore do not deserve to call themselves Islamic. Any party meeting the above standards would be truly deservant of being called an Islamic Party.? .. Faridul Haq, Chitral, 04 Nov 2019.

2 thoughts on “Need for a ‘true’ Islamic political party

  1. Absolutely right, unfortunately, in all Muslim countries there is no political party or Islamic political party which adheres to even basic Islamic teachings. Them all are using Islam to gain votes, blackmail and get into power. Secular parties have no future in Muslim countries, their approach, teachings or agenda is opposite to Islam. What Muslim ummah needs is a leader who has fear and love for Allah, who is an honest, truthful, passionate and trustworthy. Leader who can eliminate all corruption and punish those who have been plundering the motherland and collaborating with the enemies to harm the unity and sovereignty of the motherland.

    1. Let me define what I know about Muslims. When, 1400 years ago, Islam was new in the world, many of those who came across a Muslim would be so impressed by exemplary behaviour of a Muslim that they would try to be like a Muslim. So the question is that how many Muslims living in a so called Islamic country do we expect to come across today?
      The right answer is not many. So how can a country be called an Islamic country where a very meagre number of people show by their deeds to be Muslims.
      When there were only a few hundred Muslims in Mudeenah they had no trouble coming together in obedience to Lord Almighty, to join hands with each other and establish an Islamic State. So what was an Islamic State? Was there a King or a Ruler there? No. So how did the Islamic State work? It was a system created by the people and run by the people. What kind of people? The people in whose deeds was their assertion. The assertion “There is no one worthy of being our Ruler than Lord Almighty”. As such there was no Ruler other than Lord Almighty. Today there are millions claiming to be Muslims yet not one Islamic State? Why? Those few hundred were Muslims, so they all worked together to established an Islamic State in no time and the few million today who are nothing like those who indeed were Muslims so waiting for some one to come from Germany or America to create and run an Islamic State for them.
      I am very sorry to give this bad news but it is true. The fact is that there are millions in the world claiming to be Jews, Christians, Muslims, Budhs, Hindoos etc. etc. but not many among those millions are able to prove by their deeds to be, what they claim to be. Claiming to belong to a religion without proving through deeds is a futile exercise.
      How do we establish that a qiryah, qusbah, locality, a town or a country is populated by majority of Muslims. Udl wul Ehsaan will be outpouring in the thoughts, words and deeds of people in such a place. Where are we going to find a place today where we expect to find Muslims? Where?

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