Committee formed to promote religious harmony in Chitral

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Council of World Religions Friends to promote religious harmony in Chitral.Chaired by Allama Maqsood Ahmed Salfi, religious leaders from different schools of thought attended the meeting. They resolved to work together to further promote religious and social harmony in Chitral.

It was also agreed that all-out efforts would be made to promote religious harmony at the grassroots level, says a press release sent to?ChitralToday.

The participants unanimously agreed to make Shahbaz Ahmed as the coordinator of a committee which will work for promotion of religious harmony in Chitral.

Members of the committee will be: Shahi Masjid Chitral Khateeb Molana Khaliquz Zaman, District Khateeb Molana Fazle Mola, District Naib Nazim Molana Abdul Shakoor, Molana Omer Qureshi and Molana Salamatullah.

From the Ismaili Muslim community, Sher Aziz Baig, member District Council; Ghulam Mustafa, member District Council, and Muhammad Yaqoob, member District Council will be the members.

The minority communities will be represented by Unth Baig and Na Baig, Kalash community members of the District Council, and Babar Masih and Rebecca Shehzadi from the Christian community.

Besides, Wasiuddin Akash, Samiullah, Shujaur Rehman and Naqqash will be representing the youth in the committee. .. Courtesy :

Chitral: JIT suggests measures to promote sectarian harmony

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Chitral .. The joint investigation team set up to investigate the case of uploading objectionable matter on the social media during visit of HH Prince Karim Aga Khan has come up with various suggestions to preclude the possibility of such happening again. Addressing media persons, the DPO, Mansur Aman spelled? out the agreed upon suggestions which include setting up of a Religious Harmony Council in the district which will keep an eye on the situation at all times. Also to keep a check on the unscrupulous use of the social media, a Cyber Crime Control unit will be established in the district. It was also decided that in the presence of blasphemy laws in the country, no individual or group will be allowed to take law in their own hands under any circumstance.

Those present on the occasion included District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah, Naib Nazim Molana Shakur, MPA Syed Sardar Hussain, Brig Khush muhammad, ADC Minhasuddin, Molana Jamshed, Molana Hussain Ahmad, Saeed Ahmad, Muhmmad Hakim Advocate, Ameerullah and others. .. CN report, 10 Jan 2018

The Aga Khan’s visit highlighted exemplary harmony and volunteerism

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Dear Sir,
The recent visit of HH Prince Karim Aga Khan played a key role in strengthening the bonds of co-existence and inter-faith harmony. Besides a rare display of volunteerism was also witnessed on the occasion. The Sunni community remained in the forefront in assisting their Ismaili brethren to accord a warm welcome to their spiritual leader. On the day of the visit, the elders of the Sunni community displayed banners with the inscription of felicitations and welcome to receive the adherents coming to the Deedar Gah (place of congregation to catch a glimpse of the Imam). The Ismaili volunteers demonstrated an extraordinary prowess of volunteerism by undertaking Herculean tasks of repairing roads, constructing bridges, and providing lodging, food and transport to thousands of congregants. It is a good omen for both the communities to work together for mutual peace and harmony thus contributing towards socio-economic development. .. Khalid Pervaiz Raza,?Booni. Chitral 10 Dec 2017