The Aga Khan’s visit highlighted exemplary harmony and volunteerism

Dear Sir,
The recent visit of HH Prince Karim Aga Khan played a key role in strengthening the bonds of co-existence and inter-faith harmony. Besides a rare display of volunteerism was also witnessed on the occasion. The Sunni community remained in the forefront in assisting their Ismaili brethren to accord a warm welcome to their spiritual leader. On the day of the visit, the elders of the Sunni community displayed banners with the inscription of felicitations and welcome to receive the adherents coming to the Deedar Gah (place of congregation to catch a glimpse of the Imam). The Ismaili volunteers demonstrated an extraordinary prowess of volunteerism by undertaking Herculean tasks of repairing roads, constructing bridges, and providing lodging, food and transport to thousands of congregants. It is a good omen for both the communities to work together for mutual peace and harmony thus contributing towards socio-economic development. .. Khalid Pervaiz Raza,?Booni. Chitral 10 Dec 2017

3 thoughts on “The Aga Khan’s visit highlighted exemplary harmony and volunteerism

  1. Co-existence and inter-faith harmony? Where? Definitely not in Chitral. It is still as religiously tense as 1982, thanks to some “thekedars” of Islam.

  2. We are thankful to District Nazim, DCO, Commandant and our Sunni brothers for their service and well wishes during Imam’s recent visit. We would love this brotherhood . Please keep it up. We salute all of you.

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