Second child victim of gas cylinder explosion succumbs to burns

Published on: 05/10/2019 | Comments: No comments 

CHITRAL: A gas cylinder explosion accident that had occurred in Ayun village of Chitral four days ago has caused two two deaths in the hospital beside five other injured admitted to the? burn trauma center in Peshawar. The victims were shifted to Peshawar because of non availability of the facility in Chitral.

The family which is abjectly poor and homeless have undergone this tragic shock as a bolt from the blue and do not have any money to pay for the treatment of the hospitalised victims. Although local people are helping with donations but the medical expenses being very high, there is dire need of money for their treatment. A local philanthropist has sent his bank account number for donations to the family. The actt # is pk59 ALFH 014200100327439 branch code 012, Bank Alfalah Chitral. .. GH Farooqi, 05 Oct 2019.

PM to Inaugurate Roads, Gas Plants & Golen Electricity in Dec, MNA

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Chitral ..? At a meeting with the Prime Minister on 17 Nov, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin discussed with him various developmental projects of Chitral and the PM directed SNGPL authorities to expedite land purchase process of the three gas plants at Chitral, Ayun (Broz) and Drosh.

During his planned? visit to Chitral in Dec 2017, the PM will inaugurate NHA Roads and Gas Plants besides Golen Gol electricity to both Upper and Lower Chitral. The PM may also extend his visit to the next day, the MNA said?.. CN report, 18 Nov 2017