Moment of Shame: Chitral’s all three MPAs sold their vote in Senate elections

Chitral : At a press conference in Islamabad PTI Chairman?Imran Khan disclosed that 20 MPAs of the PTI have sold their votes in the recent senate elections, including the PTI lady MPA from Chitral Fauzia Bibi. Imran Khan also said that MPAs from other parties particularly the PPP have also sold their votes and he has their names too. As there are hardly any other PPP members in the KP assembly, the two PPP MPAs from Chitral are the most likely ones he is referring to, who have sold their votes in the said elections.

MPAs should dispel the impression they sell their votes in Senate elections

It is a moment of shame for Chitral that given a chance to pocket illicit money, our political leaders in the provincial Assembly have succumbed to greed and frailty of character. .. CN report, 18 April, 2018

7 thoughts on “Moment of Shame: Chitral’s all three MPAs sold their vote in Senate elections

  1. It doesn’t sound strange when we hear the news of new corruption scandal of our politicians. Except for Imran Khan and Sirajul Haq, the whole lot of politicians are tainted with corruption in one way or the other. It’s not surprising to find the names of the fresh entrants in the list of the corrupt politicians. How come Ms. Fouzia Bibi or the two other MPs from Chitral resist the temptation. They are of the same ilk.

  2. Who would not like 40000000 rupees? Expecting individuals to be honest who are brought up in our society where corruption has become acceptable as a norm and to top it, our religious preachers encourage corruption by saying that sins can be washed away by reciting such and such prayer or performing such and such ritual etc, is expecting too much.
    The SYSTEM is the culprit which offers individuals opportunities for corruption. Politics is now an established investment business which if be quoted on the stock exchange as a mutual fund will out do all others.
    If we want to move forward we must set aside politics and it’s ugly tool known to us as ‘elections’. We must select our public representatives through the process of Meritocracy as I continuously harp on. Otherwise we shall keep witnessing dramas like this and can only change the saddle of the same lame horse called politics, each time, expecting it to run better next time.

  3. This matter should be further investigated thoroughly. If found guilty such people don’t deserve public office.They must be exemplary punished as a lesson to others.

  4. Imran Khan should name MPAs of other parties also who sold their votes as he claimed in his press conference. It will be a further service to ‘sanctity of vote’. If the respective parties do not take action against their such MPAs, the people may, or at least they will be disgraced in the eyes of their voters.

  5. Every time during Senate elections the problem of horse trading comes up. The solution to this problem is that the 104 Senate seats should be publicly auctioned as per provincial quota. The top bidders from each province should fill the provinces quota seats and highest overall bidder should become the Senate chairman and next highest bidder the deputy chairman. Senate should be a party-less house. This way there will be benefit to the national treasury instead of MPAs bank accounts and the whole process will be transparent and fair, thus acceptable to all.

  6. I recall South African deceased Cricketer Hansey Kroniey shedding tears in a press conference in the full public gaze confessing to the crime of match fixing he had committed. He apologized to the entire nation for his wrongdoing and called it a day from the international cricket. I was also moved by the bold step of a British MP who resigned from his seat on the reason that he was castigated by the opposition benches for absenting himself from the parliamentary session. He opted to bow out with high head instead of making lame excuses. If our MPs are involved in the scam the only way out is to confess to their crime and seek public apology so they could absolve themselves of the prick of moral conscience.

  7. It is clear from the very beginning that the MPA Chitral had taken money. It was in news and social media as well. The other two PPP MPAs have not sold, if sold they sold to their own party. It is surprising to see the MPA holding Quran Majeed and condemning the news. Where she was at the beginning, she could have approach the party and door of court. Once it came to the news, she came out with some others and condemning. There is timing, we respect she is our daughter and our sister, but when the water has passed the bridge who can accept.

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