MPAs should dispel the impression they trade their votes in Senate elections

Dear Sir,
As Senate elections are approaching , there is an increase in the intensity of rumours that our MPAs may likely fall to the temptation of trading their votes in these elections and many say they did that last time also. Although I don’t personally believe this, but it would be wise for the three MPAs from Chitral to swear upon the Holy book in a public forum that they would maintain the sanctity of their vote and cast it strictly on merit basis instead of accepting any gratification in lieu of it. Though this may seem odd but given our experience and the moral standards of the nation in general, it would be a good example which can be followed by MPs of other areas.. This in no way should be taken as a distrust against our MPs but precautionary measures are always good because human beings are frail and may fall to temptation and this applies to all. .. Sarfaraz Ahmad, Chitral 14 Feb 2018.

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