Huge financial misappropriation in BISP funds revealed

ISLAMABAD: The appointed high officers of Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) have allegedly involved in huge financial embezzlement worth million of rupees as they grabbed the heavy amount that was earmarked for the poor, needy deserving persons of the country.

According to report, as many as 41 officers of the department were involved in grabbing of Rs. 10 million department budget amount on the name house rents. Department grade-18 officers made embezzlement of Rs. 10 million through wrong ways by adjusting the heavy allowance in their monthly salaries.

The director of BISP Hamid Ali Khan was facing allegation of transferring of more then three million rupees in his accounts through illegal ways. The documents got by “Online” revealed that Col (Retd) Muhammad Iqbal had misappropriated Rs. 3.6 million the amount earmarked for the needy people of the country.

It further disclosed that heavy loans worth of Rs. 1.700 billion given in the line with Waseela-e-Rozgar were badly blocked and no possibility of return back of these issued heavy funds. According to documents record difference of Rs. 54 billion was reported between the Postal Services Deptt record and concerned banks record of amount that paid to the needy peoples.

On the other hand the department so far failed to trace the looted amount of Rs. 54 billion. It was also reveled that corruption investigation was also underway against BISP director general Jahangir Alam Chohan. It was worth mentioned here that BISP is aimed at distribution of money among the poor and needy individuals in the country. The programme was meant to extend helping hand to all those deserving persons who are in dire need of financial support so that their suffering may be alleviated on priority basis.  Under this programme the money is released to the Postal Services Deptt for distribution through local post office network. — CN monitoring, 14 Oct 2016 source

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