Survey to set up gas depots in Chitral begins; MNA

Chitral — Member National Assembly Shahzada Iftikharuddin has said the government has launched a survey for establishing gas depots in the district. Talking to reporters by telephone, he said that he had been in contact with government for establishing the gas depots at various places in Chitral for the last two years.

The MNA said that Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) had launched the survey. “The depots would be established in Arandu, Ashirait, Ursun, Madaklasht, three Kalash valleys, Ayun, Bruz, Chitral town, Lotkoh, Garam Chashma, Morkhow, Torkhow, Booni, Laspur and Mastuj,” he said.

He said a final decision would be taken after submission of the survey report. The lawmaker said the Morkhow road issue had been brought into the notice of prime minister and expressed the hope that he would issue directives soon.

He said Golen Gol Hydropower Project, Chitral Town gridstation and Lowari Tunnel projects had been included in the agenda of the standing committee of the National Assembly meeting to be held on October 18.

The MNA also announced that prime minister had approved construction of road to all three Kalash valleys.He said Chitral is faced with a severe shortage of firewood and they were working on various options to overcome the situation.– Source

One thought on “Survey to set up gas depots in Chitral begins; MNA

  1. The best ever news for the people of Chitral and specially for the people of upper Chitral. MNA shall surely win the hearts of the people when these depots are opened and operated in the District. These Mega Projects like road communication, Electricity, Fyber optics, Mobile services and now Gas Depots when come in to operation shall definitely change future and the living condition of the people of Chitral and make Chitral a prosperous district in Pakistan. People of Chitral shall no doubt stand by the side of our MNA Shahzada Iftikhar that has no doubt started gaining strength in the District.

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