An example of moral decadence in our society

Chitral — The fact that morality has taken a back seat in our society is beyond any doubt and any debate. Who is responsible for this decadence is another question which needs extensive brain storming. A fresh example of the health of our moral fiber was witnessed recently.

At a dry fruit shop in Chitral bazar, on pointing to a pile of date packets and wanting to buy one packet, the shopkeeper told this scribe that those packets were reserved for new Hajis returning from Haj. When he was questioned what did he mean?, the shopkeeper candidly explained that Hajis do not bring enough dates with them due to tariff expenses and here they buy similar looking dates from us, which they present to people who come to congratulate them, as dates they brought from Madina, along with Aab e Zamzam.

This is a startling revelation. The shopkeeper himself an old time Haji was least perturbed narrating the moral behavior of Hajis who come to buy fake Madina dates from him, rather he was justifying their behaviour. When this scribe questioned that was it necessary to present fake dates to visiting congratulators at the cost of one’s imaan and against the very spirit of the Haj they performed, he had nothing to say and sheepishly agreed that it was immoral.. — CN report, 23 Oct 2016

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