298.6 million District council budget presented

Chitral — The Chitral district council presented its annual budget for 2016-17 on Monday after the district nazim Maghfirat Shah tabled it. Out of the total Rs291 million, Rs3.74 million was allocated for current expenditure. A monthly grant of Rs15,000 was proposed for the district councillors.

According to the nazim, the provincial government did not delegate any real authority and power to the district government after passing the local bodies act in the province. He cited that as the reason the district government could not deliver its promises responsibly and on time.  “Democracy in the country will not strengthen if the provincial government does not delegate power to public representatives— councillors and nazims,” Shah said.

He added the district council condemned district officers who were absent from the budget meeting.

The district administration also strongly condemned the suicide of a young girl at a school in the district and asked the police and district authorities to probe the matter and mete out stern punishment to the culprits.
Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2016.
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One thought on “298.6 million District council budget presented

  1. I just went through the story where a district council member has showered praise on his brother. He has also raised voice against running test for women police. The running test for lady policewoman is as important as it is for the men. We want sharp women to join police force or else they will be as bad as their male colleagues who could not walk from Chew bridge to Police lines due to their big bellies. The new police both men and women should undergo a rigorous training otherwise Taliban militants from Nooristan will steal the goats of Kalash people and the policemen on duty at the border will be enjoying deep slumber like it happened this time when some 300 goats were taken away by Taliban fugitives and the police kept sleeping.

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