Youth express their reckless attitude through motrbikes

Motor bike is a wonderful invention of technological advancement in the modern times. This two-wheeler serves low-income people a great deal with its capacity of low fuel consumption. In major cities of the country, it?s also a source of earning a decent livelihood for a common man when used as an alternative in modified form of ?Chinchi Rickshaw? for carrying passengers from one place to another. Financially constrained people have no option other than taking a motorbike when they undertake a journey to go on a long ride to distant tourist resorts to enjoy the beauty of nature and it costs them mere pittance. The rise in per capita income over the years has increased the purchasing power of a low income individual to afford a motor bike. In short, this travel machine is a wonderful invention serving the interests of the poor lot of the society.

Ironically, this low cost travel machine has turned into a killer machine in Chitral. The ratio of deaths among the young people in Chitral in motorbike accidents has gone out of proportion. Hardly a day goes by, when the Emergency ward in a local hospital teems with victims of motorbike accident with fractured bones and in most cases the victims are admitted in the ICU in a critical condition. Sometimes the injured succumb to their injuries and die on the spot. The eye witness account narrates that the sight of accident presents so ghastly a look that the victims? body parts scatter all around in splinters. The brain thrusts out of the cranium with eyes popped out of the sockets and tongue lolled out. Blood gushes out from vital organs of the body with horrific ramifications.

Sadly, the ever increasing incidents of causalities never bar the youth from taking precautionary measures. The society in general is keeping its mum over the unfortunate incidents and is showing its apathy towards this suicidal trend amongst the youth. They become silent spectators when the spot an individual driving a motorbike at a meteoric speed of over 100km/hour. They must be cognizant of the fact that this ?game of death? could have a far reaching consequences for the society in general. The passers-by and commuters are at a greater risk of sustaining serious injuries/causalities if drastic measures are not taken to check-mate this dangerous trends of over speeding. It amply demonstrates that the society has become devoid of civic sense and presumably tries to pass the buck on to the law enforcement agencies.

It is quite astonishing to note that all this happens under the nose of the traffic police and other law enforcement agencies. The traffic wardens turn a blind eye towards this and let off the offenders with nominal fine. The local magistrates never take serious notice of this issue despite the fact that the perpetrators flout the traffic rules with impunity.? The administration and the police is persistently showing a dereliction of duty and has miserably failed to put a stop on overspeeding. The gross negligence of these authorities is evident from the fact that they have so far not been able to bring in the net the bike riders to compel them wear helmets for safety. The failure of the law enforcement agencies to curb this menace leaves us flabbergasted despite the fact they can implement the law to punish the offenders. The newly posted DC Irshad Sudher must take serious notice of this issue on a war footing and ensure the implementation of traffic rules in letter and spirit by the concerned authorities working under him.

The social activists and the parents of the young people are equally responsible for showing indifferent attitude towards this menace. The social activists are duty bound to take out protest rallies to force the administration to enforce the implementation of traffic rules. Likewise the parents must keep counselling their children over and over again to desist them from reckless driving and overspeeding. The educators and religious leaders should impress upon the younger generation to refrain from anti-social activities inculcating in them the core values of righteousness and positive thinking. At the grass root level, social welfare organizations should organize seminars, symposia and corner meetings once or twice in a month to chalk out a well-thought-out strategy to stop youths from reckless driving and overspeeding. .. Khalid Pervaiz Raza, 11 OCT 2017

3 thoughts on “Youth express their reckless attitude through motrbikes

  1. In a country where there is frustration every where, the youth express their frustration in whatever way they can and impulsive motorbike stunts are one of them

  2. So true sir! Hardly a week has pased that we lost another son of Chitral- Muneeb from Goldur departed in a bike accident.
    Surely this ‘wonderful invention of science’ has become a menace to r teenagers. The authorities concerned should take some serious measures on war basis to curb the irreparable losses. The threat of such a horrific loss hovers above all of us (whose siblings or iasues are teenagers)like Sword of Damocles.

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