Youth of Pakistan left rudderless, wasting precious human resource

Chitral — Pakistan is one country where the population of young men and women is in rich proportions compared to other countries of the world. Unfortunately there is no proper channelization of this precious human resource and the youth are left on their own without any guidance or inspiration. Many try to scrounge out of the country and when they succeed doing so, are well utilized in foreign lands to the benefit of the host country. Those who stay back and for some reason cannot pursue higher studies are in the majority and this segment is completely clueless as to what to do with their lives.

One favorite engagement of such youngsters is to become workers of political parties and wait for the party to come to power and then hope to reap financial and other benefits. Many turn out as gangsters and mafia members with nicknames as dakoo, kalia, machhar, langrha, blackdog etc all personifying rebellion from and repugnance to the society, as we have seen in Karachi. Some join armed militias like taliban etc in order to find identity and take revenge from the callousness of the society.

As long as we do not look after our youth, give them inspiration by personal examples from rulers of the country and as long as we do not channelize their energies and abilities right from their childhood upward, we will not have a coherent Pakistan and will continue wasting our most precious wealth, the youth of Pakistan.— CN report, 15 Oct 2016

One thought on “Youth of Pakistan left rudderless, wasting precious human resource

  1. The youth of Pakistan is crying for guidance and inspiration.They are struggling hard not to become vagabonds and criminals despite all conditions favorable for that.

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