Youngsters ‘groups’ clash in Sonoghor, six stabbed

Booni — Six youngsters have been sent to jail for stabbing five youth of booni. The stabbing incident occurred in Sonoghor a few days ago in which five youths from Booni were injured. Three of the injured have been discharged from a hospital in Booni while two are still in a serious condition with their internal organs including intestines damaged.

Over a week ago, a group of youngsters from Booni had gone to Chuinj village in Mastuj to attend a musical programme where they had a scuffle with another group from Chinar village. Later when one of the youngsters from Chinar came to Booni he was allegedly harassed at the Booni bazaar by the group from Booni.

When the Chinar boy went home and informed his friends about the incident, they called the Booni group of youths and challenged them to come out of their hometown and face them.

As a result, both the groups moved towards each other’s villages and encountered each other at Sonoghor where the youngsters from Chinar beat and stabbed the boys from Booni. The injured were taken to Booni.

A jirga of the local elites failed to resolve the matter on Saturday and in the meanwhile six of the youths from Chinar were sent to jail.

It may be noted that youngsters in almost all villages have formed their groups and often clash with each other over petty issues. Sources told ChitralToday that there were 45 such groups in Booni alone.

These groups are named such as Bichhu (scorpion) group, magarmach group, Amir Khan (Indian actor) group, Undertaker group, John Cena group etc. — CN monitoring, credit, 25 Sep 2016

7 thoughts on “Youngsters ‘groups’ clash in Sonoghor, six stabbed

  1. Horrible news. Must be checked immediately. Moulvis and Ismaili board can play an effective role in indoctrinating youngsters against copying such trash from other societies. If it happens in Karachi or Mumbai the cities are densely populated and thus uncontrollable. In Chitral, more so in upper Chitral where there are few heads to count, this trend can be checked immediately.

  2. Wing Commander (R) Fardad Ali Shah has rightly pointed out that such groups of youngsters must be discouraged and put on right track by their elders. However I do not agree with the idea of any intervention by the religious elders in matters relating to the promotion of peace and harmony in the society. Unfortunately our Molvis, missionaries and religious elders believe in formation of violent groups and outlaws in the community in order to strengthen their hold on the poor masses. This is how they rule!

  3. It is wishful thinking expecting Molvis and religious elders to play a positive role in situations like this. Unfortunately religion mongers have been more a cause of problems more than a solution of problems. It is over a week since this incident has happened but there is no word about it in Jumma pre-prayer sermon, instead we hear one hour speech about the story of Hazrat Musa (AS) and Firon. The religious preachers side line real issues and dwell on perfunctory stories just to pass time.

  4. Faizi sahib is right about religious leaders inability to check such tendencies. I think the parents are equally responsible. If they are not stopping rather taking pride in such acts of their children, it is a pity.

  5. Being a Muslim we believe on one God, Quran, prophet Muhammad SAW and religion i.e. Islam. All Muslims are regular in praying, giving zakat, performing Haj, observing fasting but they are divided over 73 sects, who are responsible for the division of Muslims into so many sects? The responsible persons are the religious leaders. If such persons are not united in religion related matter then how can we expect from them to play role in social matters. Everyone is well aware about the activities of such people but again we blindly follow them up. In Pakistan we need reforms like Turkey introduced by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, otherwise Pakistan will remain in the custody of the religious leaders for ever.

  6. Indeed! Parents are the first persons to be answerable for their children’s upbringing. Religious preachers have more influence on the elder generation than youngsters, so all the more reason religious preachers play their positive role in this respect.

  7. I think these comments are not relevant to the topic. To be specific to the topic we need to demand that all the injured persons should also be arrested. the reconciliation may not be accepted. those released on bail should be remanded again. The person in uniform must be fired from service and all the 11 persons should severely punished through Military courts.

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