Yet another young girl ends her life in despair

Chitral .. Another person, a twenty two year old married girl from Shotkhar Torkhow has ended her life by jumping into the river. The pitiful trend of the young generation specially the female gender ending their lives in despondency continues unabated in Chitral.

According to police sources, thirteen young people have committed suicide in the last five months. Out of these thirteen, two were male while the rest eleven were female.

Social circles and intelligentsia have been demanding from the government and NGOs to conduct serious and extensive study into this phenomenon and take appropriate measures to arrest the scary trend.

One reason that is obvious as light during day, is that female population which is 52 percent of total population do not have adequate outlets and opportunities to express themselves according to the present day world situation. The girls keep curbing their expression to the point where they either become mentally ill or choose to end their lives in frustration. Emergency steps are required. .. CN report 05 Dec 2017

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