World refuses to learn from experience

Published on: 25/02/2022 | Comments: No comments 

CHITRAL: Ever since the advent of recorded history, the most significant events experienced by the world have been wars, wars and wars. Wars of all sorts and kinds- Neighbourhood wars, territorial wars, regional wars, religious wars, ethnic wars, political wars, world wars, cold wars and son on and so forth. To human beings wars have been an essential part of their lives and the world they inhabit.

The result of wars has always been devastation for the human civilisation and even much developed civilisations have been annihilated by wars. The Aryans over ran the Dravidians the, Mongols ravaged the civilised world, the two world wars set back progress of humanity and civilisation by hundreds of years. The Afghan war, the Iraq war, the Syrian war, the Libyan war, all current examples of insanity, have not taught any lesson to the world.

The ongoing insane war between Russia and Ukraine is the latest example of how the world destroys itself. Irrespective of who is right and who is wrong, both the countries, it’s people and the world in general would be losers.

One solution to end the human madness in the form of political chaos, is to reduce human emotions/ involvement in management of the world. One way to have balanced leaders and managers of world affairs is to select managing leaders through artificial intelligence instead of outdated political gimmickry called elections. Thus selected leaders would be stable, capable and free of political obligations, and can offer the best solution for the world’s management, where peace and progress along with human values reign. We have to think out of the box to ensure a safe world ahead .. CN report, 25 Feb 2022

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