Wishing our readers a Happy and Propitious New Year

2016 has been an eventful year with a sad event of a collective loss in the last month. May Allah almighty give strength to those who were devastated by the tragic plane crash. May Allah protect them from any further tribulation.
Those who remained safe and happy in 2016, may Allah Almighty continue His blessings upon them.
May Allah Almighty bless us with peace and prosperity.
May Allah Almighty give us the strength to reject Rizq e Haram and strive for Halal rizq.
May the Almighty give us strength to stand up for what is right and not accept the wrong. May Almighty Allah make us truthful and upright,?grant us compassion to be kind?to the weak and helpless?and strength?to be firm with the high handed.
May Allah Almighty teach?us self respect and due respect for those who deserve it.

May Allah Almighty be with us in 2017
– Aameen.


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