Will the truth about Rawalpindi dharna ever surface?

Chitral 😕 The dirtiest 22 days of Pakistan’s governance history have just come to an ignominious end. The law breaking protesters who had blocked the main highway in the heart of the capital were allowed to have the last hurrah after the government put it’s hands up and shamelessly handed over the the defiled baby it had created to the army. Mysteriously the situation calmed down soon after that. So many questions arise in the mind of an average educated person in this regard, some being:

  1. ? Why were the protesters allowed to travel freely from Lahore to Islamabad in the first instance when they had announced their intention well in advance.?
  2. .? After reaching Islamabad why were they allowed to take up position at such a crucial arterial point of the capital.?
  3. ? Why was food and supplies allowed to them freely when they had camped in the middle of the highway.?
  4. ? Why no effort was made at negotiating with them in the first two weeks.?
  5. ?When an inquiry report about the matter of the constitutional amendment was conducted, why was the same not made public as everyone including the protesters were demanding.?
  6. ? Why did the government take so long (18 days) to decide to attempt enforcing the law through the police etc. Why not on the first day of road blockade.?
  7. ?Why did the government launch the road clearing operation without equipping the law enforcing agencies with the requisite equipment/weaponry as required for such operations.?
  8. ?Why did the dharna come to a halt the moment the army intervened. Why did the army not intervene on the third or fourth day after seeing the inability of the govt to tackle the problem.?
  9. ?Why were the law breakers and miscreants set free immediately after the deal was arrived with the dharna leaders.?
  10. ? Why were the released miscreants given a check of Rs 1000 by the government as travel expense to their homes.?

? ? ?Pakistan is at it’s lowest ebb in the realm of governance. The parliamentary system of government is bleeding the country ruthlessly. Incompetent political leaders in power as a result of this system have ruined the bureaucracy and the law enforcing agencies by? promoting favoritism instead of meritocracy .?

? ? ?Pakistan needs answers to the above questions about the Rawalpindi dharna before anything else .. CN report, 27 Oct 2017? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

2 thoughts on “Will the truth about Rawalpindi dharna ever surface?

  1. The truth is already on the surface but nothing will move, nothing will change. It will continue going on this way.

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