When will Lowari tunnel open?

Dear Sir,
The Lowari tunnel was ‘opened’ officially by the Prime minister of Pakistan on 20 July 2017, but the fact is that it is still not open in the real sense of the word.

The Prime minister in his inaugural speech said 99 percent of the work on the tunnel has been accomplished and only 1 percent is left to be completed. Now that almost four months have passed since the inauguration and the tunnel is still closed for traffic most part of the day. The small tunnel has never been opened even for a single day. How can we call this as opening of the tunnel?

If one percent of the tunnel work has not been completed in four months, it means a tunnel would take 400 months to not be even fully complete. This is ridiculous. Somebody must look into this nonsense.

Recently a similar length tunnel was built? in Hunza from scratch to finish by the Chinese in three years. This wretched tunnel is just refusing to complete. After all there is a limit to everything.

There is no doubt that Chitralis look for the leftovers from life and always get it, but even that ground reality factored in, it has taken too long and is too criminally delayed.

Can someone please issue an official status of the Lowari tunnel. Maybe the Deputy Commissioner can ask the NHA to do it at the earliest. .. Faridul Haq, Chitral 01 Nov 2017

2 thoughts on “When will Lowari tunnel open?

  1. When it comes to fighting for their justifiable rights involving personal sacrifice, Chitralis are docile and ‘aman pasand’. But when it comes to dealing with harmless animals, migrating birds, helpless human beings, Chitralis become aggressive and even cruel. What a shame!

  2. The Swat motorway tunnels started last year are in the completion stage while the Lowari tunnel started in 2005 is still dragging on. Shame!

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