Widening of road from Shoghore to Susum Karimabad

Dear Sir,
With the efforts of honourable MPA Wazir Zada, grant of Rs 100 million has been allocated for the widening of road from Shoghore to Susum Karimabad. Initially this road was constructed by the people of the area on self help basis, later AKRSP has allocated some funds for widening. This road is still not feasible to meet the requirements of the area. there is a need to realign this road from Hassanabad to Hinjeel, survey for realignment has been conducted and grant has been approved on the basis of this survey but contractor is not following the approved sketch, instead of realignment, contractor is  repairing the  existing road that will not serve the purpose.

It is pertinent to mention here, that ex MPA Saleem Khan had allocated grant of Rs 8 million for this road but the contractor did not properly utilize funds on this road.

People of Karimabad would like to request to MPA Wazir Zada to take notice and give instructions to the contractor to complete the realignment of this road from Hassanabad to Hinjeel, otherwise it can not be a feasible road for the area. ..  Regards, Shamsuddin Karimabad Chitral, 29 Dec 2020

2 thoughts on “Widening of road from Shoghore to Susum Karimabad

  1. I don’t see if our comments will help support a significant change to amend the pre-established Govt plan for the said project. A number of issues needs to be addressed prior to the start of the project i.e.
    – A permanent solution to reduce the several steep climbs starting from Hasanabad bridge. All of you will agree that recent build hassabad bridge was a complete waste of resources. I am certain that project was initiated to warm up the contractors pockets but not to benefit the public.
    – Local public or sincere leadership’s involvement is important rather the C&W imposes their short term planes to save money or benefit the contractors once again.
    -Construction of the road should go through the areas where is lesser chance of landslide or falling boulders – The maintenance is very crucial and better planned construction will reduce the future maintenance cost. Again spending 10 millions repuees once and leaving it neglected will bring us back to square one.

  2. Projects are designed in the name of publuc roads but the actual motive behind such projects is to pocket money by the corrupt elemements of the concerned department, MPA and the contractor. They faciltate each other in plundering the public money instead if using it on actual project. The huge money wasted in the name of zokh ser and repair of karimavad road is ample proof of corruption by the then MPA and the departmental supervisorsand the contractor. This time the public of Karimabad must keep a vigilant eye on the progress and quality of the project and do not allow the funds allocated for roads to be pocketed by corrupt political elements and the department officials.

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