Why is the US so unpopular in Pakistan and around the world?

CHITRAL: Pakistan right after independence fell into the lap of the United States, despite the fact that our larger neighbour India chose to follow a non aligned policy, rather extended it’s hands of friendship to the USSR which lay in it’s regional neighbourhood. What did we achieve from our dependence on the US, throughout the years.? The US kept giving us loans and grants to keep the economy going but never helped us stand on own feet to nourish the economy in the right way. Loans from the US (IMF, World bank etc) kept on mounting progressively due to being easy money in the hands of unscrupulous and dishonest rulers one after another.

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The US also kept perking Pakistan with weapons produced by it’s war factories and constantly prodded Pakistan to have a perpetual aggressive stance towards neighbouring countries of India and Afghanistan. It let down Pakistan by standing aside when India defeated and humiliated Pakistan in the Bangla Desh war. Most unfortunate part is that we did not learn any lesson, because our petty rulers (wouldn’t call them leaders) were so obliged to them for the greed of dollars. The way the US used Pakistan in fighting the USSR in Afghanistan and then left it high and dry, is a glaring example of how Pakistan has paid for the alms and aid a.k.a ‘free lunch’ from the US.

Today the people of Pakistan hate America (mind you, not the country or it’s people, as most like the American people for their large heartedness and openness). It is the policy of the American government which the people have seen around the world whether in  Iraq, Syria, Libya or Afghanistan, is what they hate.

In Pakistan, the Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan while at the low end of his dwindling popularity picked up the anti American sentiment and converted his low into a high of big magnitude. The whole country has forgotten inflation, poor governance and everything else only to rally behind his anti American shout.

High time, the United States should reconsider it’s policies. That the whole world curses it, there must be something wrong. The amount of money it spends on destruction of countries around the world can be spent on the welfare of the people of those countries. The US should now take a big leap towards “live and Let Live”, to redress the grievances of the world towards it. .. CN report, 13 May 2022

3 thoughts on “Why is the US so unpopular in Pakistan and around the world?

  1. Good assessment of Pakistan-US relationship. The US has a lot to learn from the Chinese who have used the economic road to become a super power without the need to topple governments through its war machinery.
    Having said that Pakistan cannot blame all its woes on the US. It is now high time we should start using it’s many God gifted natural resources for the uplift of its people.

  2. The people are their own worst enemies. More so ae those who make a pledge night and noon. The pledge “I obey no one but the Almighty”. Do we see this pledge in the deeds of millions of souls making this pledge? Do we see these people coming together in the localities where they live, to organise their “Peoples’ Union ” i.e. Jumeeyah ? No. We do not see it.
    So who obeys the Almighty’s Command ” Wahtusaymoo bayhublillahay Jumeeyah, walh taferruqoo” ? No one. Why? The people love slavery of the Mafiosi and slave takers.
    Slavery flourishes the world over, just because the people are their own enemies. Instead of obeying the Almighty they love to obey their mis leaders and human allahs they create.
    Can we see in the history of people calling themselves Muslims, people create and obey human allahs for all those six seven hundred years they were in power? Why did they if they were Muslims not create Almighty’s government as did the people of Mudeenah?
    People the world over suffer slavery for refusing to come together, join hands together to organise their Peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah, thus create a world outpouring with Udl wul Ehsaan in the thoughts, words and deeds of the people. Majority of the people. Who has to do it? The people. If they do not do it? Slavery shall remain their fate.

  3. It is because the US has been an enemy of Pakistan in the guise of friend. The decision of the political leaders of the 50s to befriend the US was a blunder of immeasurable magnitude and unpardonable. The Jewish lobby of the US is behind all this loaning system through IMF.
    We have to change our foreign policy and focus on our economy by introducing economy drive and say ta ta to US so called friendship but who will tutor the establishment?

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