Why in Pakistan do leadership always fail to deliver on promises

CHITRAL: It is indeed a pity that since inception of Pakistan, leadership, whether civil or military have failed to deliver on their promises.

If we look at history from the time of breakup of the country in 1971, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came to power with the help of the promise of ‘Roti, Kapra, Makaan (food, clothes and shelter). We all know that he did not fulfill his promise. He was followed by Ziaul Haq, who assumed power promising to bring Islamic system in the country. We saw that he backed out on that and only started beating about the bush to prolong his tenure in power. He was followed by Bnazir who alos made hollow promises and failed to deliver on them.

Then came Nawaz Shareef with his big claims of ‘Qarz utaro mulk sanwaro’ like jingles but soon after coming to power threw such promises o out of the window and indulged in taking even more loans. Then came Musharraf with all sorts of tall claims of accountability across the board etc but he failed to deliver on any.

Now the present govt of Imran Khan is also way away from delivering on his gargantuan though altruistic promises.  In short no leader has so far come up to his/her promises and all have made one excuse or the other for their failures. The story of Pakistan can be summarized in the following short stanza by an urdu poet.

کب غریبان وطن کو عہد خوشحالی ملا
رونا روتا ہی رہا گلشن کو جو مالی ملا
جانے والے جب گئے جیبوں کو بھر کر لے گئے
آنے والوں کو خزانہ جب ملا خالی ملا

.. CN report, 11 Oct 2020

2 thoughts on “Why in Pakistan do leadership always fail to deliver on promises

  1. What have the people done to make sure that what they are promised is delivered? For as long as the people will fail to organise their Union, they will never get anything. People throughout the world need their Union. Peoples’ Union to make sure that what is promised is delivered.

  2. Political / Military Coup leaders should not make promises which they cannot fulfill, otherwise they will be remembered as failed leaders who did not do what they premised

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