Why Elections Fail the Country Again and Again

CHITRAL: Pakistan despite having God gifted natural resources and a wonderful people has always been failed by our system of government. Time after time we hold elections and governments are formed every time with a new hope. After sometime such governments either capitulate themselves or are shown the way out by the Army on becoming unpopular with the people. The intervention of the army is most times invited by non other than politicians of the same ilk but who are in opposition. Had elections given us a viable and credible government the Army could never have dared to intervene at any time. Fact is that experiment of forming a government through holding elections has proven a failure no matter how so much may one like to disagree with it.

The current government in Pakistan was formed after the country fed up with traditional politics stood up and voted for a lone warrior whose firebrand speeches against the system provoked even the most passive Pakistanis to come out and support him and thus put him in power. However all this proved an exercise in futility as the present government has proved “more of the same” to the anguish of distraught Pakistanis. Corruption rules the roost as was with previous governments. Any accountability if visible is against certain specific individuals rather than against crime in general. The rate and audacity in corruption everywhere has increased rather than decreased .  Sadly there is no hope that things will improve as they are getting worse by the passing day.

After having tested even the “last hope of the nation”, it must be realised that it is not personalities that can change the fate of the country, instead it has to be a ‘System’ that does it. Staying within the present system even an angel will turn into a sinner and a tall talking ‘hero’ turn into a clown.  So having seen and tested again and again the system of governments formed through elections and the capabilities of ‘electables’, it becomes all the more pertinent to seriously consider changing the system. Who will do it ? is a billion dollar question. Of course the system itself cannot bring about the change and will instead resist it to the last. The only method is to ‘impose’ the new system trough whatever way but with good intentions. After all Prophets of religions were not elected nor religions initially formed through voting. Only after the system proves itself the people will automatically get to know it and like it.

Which ‘System’? is the other question. Of course Meritocracy is an ideal system to address the challenges of not only Pakistan, but the whole world. As it may not be possible to abruptly impose the system of Meritocracy, so the nearer system to that would be a Presidential system of government practiced by 85 percent countries of the world. What is the hitch in that ? .. CN report, 29 June 2020

2 thoughts on “Why Elections Fail the Country Again and Again

  1. Yes in the past we had presidential government under Ayub khan and it certainly performed better than what followed. However today Pakistan is no longer the same country, our national narrative has changed, we have become parochial and religious even a place like Chitral where religion was taken lightly, now religious card is used. So the first requirement is to educate our people, better schools and improved syllabus with emphasis on science, general knowledge and ethics or social studies. Unnecessary religious content should be purged.

  2. Which King or Ruler created the first ever Islamic State in Madeenah? No King, No Ruler. It was the people of Madeenah who created and maintained the Islamic State. Why an Islamic State? The people, just over 300 in numbers were all Muslims so the Kalimah, was in their deeds. It was because of their deeds that they made no one their King or Ruler but the one they promised in their Kalimah night and noon to be their Ruler. They thus brought about the rule of what is the most extinct habit and characteristics among the people throughout the world today i.e Udl wul Ehsaan. So we can say that to find out, if in any township, settlement, live Muslims we have to ask this question. Is Udl wul Ehsaan outpouring in the thoughts, words and deeds of the people in such a place? If the answer is “Yes” then Muslims live there. If “No” as is the likelihood, these days, then it is proved Muslims do not live there. No one becomes a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim or follower of any religion by just making a claim. Majority of people in the world can be seen to be making a claim which they fail to prove to be true through their deeds.
    What system. The Almighty called upon those loyal to Him, to come together, regularly, in localities, townships, settlements where they live . Come together to join hands with each other to work collectively for their betterment and their security. A system practised by the humankind since time immemorial.
    So do we see people in practice of such a system anywhere in the world? No. This is another proof that it will be very hard to find a Muslim anywhere in the world.
    What Almighty commanded the faithfuls to organise, the non Muslim philosophers, thinkers, intellectuals also advised people to do the same.
    There is vivid proof that majority of the people in our whole world have shown NO interest in working together to overthrow the shackles of slavery the slave takers have put the people of whole world under.
    It is absolutely essential that the people who want bring upon a system based upon Udl wul Ehsaan do exactly as the Almighty commanded them to do, thus come together to organise their Jumeeyah and Shoorah in every locality, and every nook and corner of their country.
    Elections: People organised to look after themselves will have no trouble in organising their true and effective representation by electing someone from amongst themselves who does in fact represent them.
    There have been too many bloody revolutions and electiones everywhere in the world, yet we do not see any improvement in the lives of the people. Why? Lack of action in organising Peoples’ Union i.e. Peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah. Who will organise it ? the People. If they do not.No one can help the people if they do not want to help themselves.
    In the USA the people who see the importance of people coming together to work together to overthrow the rule of the Mafiosi have organised themselves reasonably. However the lack of overall support from the people at large, frustrates their hopes of empowering the people.
    In the USA the election in common with elections in other parts of the world end eventually to put peoples’ representation in the hands of Mafiosi “Godfathers”. There people elect but the Mafiosi takes those elected by the people, their “Hostage”. Thus people are not represented by those who were elected.
    Let us ask this question. Why is there Mafiosi? The answer is that the people have not joined hands to create Peoples’ Mafia i.e. Peoples’ Union. How can any Mafia crop up there where the people have organised their own Mafia?
    In this matter the ball is squarely in court of the people. The question is “Do people want a good system to work for them?” If they do, they all will have get into the good habit of coming out of their homes regularly. Yes regularly to meet the people of their neighbourhood to organise their Union and thus work collectively for their betterment
    We all want “Justice”. Do we not? So how many of us have worked to make justice a commonly found habit and practices in our country?
    Again the ball is in peoples’ court. To make justice a commonly found habit and practice we all owe it to ourselves to work to make it common . There is no other way. We must all wake up from our usual slumber and wake up to become “Responsible Citizens” to work to bring about good habits and practices which will result in people enjoying a good system.

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