Why do people sell their emotions to political parties/personalities?

CHITRAL: It is strange that people every where associate themselves with political parties/personalities in an emotional manner. The result is that they take up upon themselves as a duty to defend their party or party leader in every circumstance and on every issue. The phenomenon is not only restricted to third world countries but is found even in developed countries.

An aged lord and life long diehard member of the Conservative party of England, on his death bed, announced to relinquish the party and join the opponent Labour party. When he was asked what made him change heart on his death bed, he replied “tomorrow when i die let it not be said that a member of the Conservative party has died, it should instead be of the Labour party”.

Unquestioned affiliation with political parties is not a healthy feature whether in England or Africa or America or in Pakistan. By selling yourself to a particular political party or personality you straight away put on blinkers which restrict your vision. The politicians know it and exploit this to the maximum. ” Aaj bhi Bhutto zinda hai” is a glaring example of this mindset, as is “tum jeeto ya haaro hamey tum sey pyar hai” phenomenon.

In this age of reason and questioning and knowledge and awareness, the primitive ways of fighting in masjid kotakais over discussions on their respective leaders should come to a stop. Sense and sensibility and maturity and realism should prevail , now at least after learning so much from our senseless practices. .. CN report, 02 Jan 2022

2 thoughts on “Why do people sell their emotions to political parties/personalities?

  1. This is because of greed. People affiliate themselves with political parties to gain financial benefits in the form of licences, permits and other unfair means. In return for the undue favor, these people sell themselves to political parties and leaders and defend them closing their eyes towards truth and merit.

  2. One cannot disconnect with emotion, that is part of being a human being however knowledge which comes with education and maturity can help in discerning how one thinks and behaves. Bhutto zinda Hai phenomenon is ideology based on flawed perception and fueled by vested interest.

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