Why Democracy isn’t working


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3 thoughts on “Why Democracy isn’t working

  1. Why is Democracy not working? Simply because there is no democracy anywhere in the world. True? We are spoon fed “lies” from the west and we just accept those lies to be true. How can there be any democracy when there is no representation of the masses? Why is there no representation of the masses? Because the masses have never organised themselves to make sure that they get representation. Who gets representation then? The Mafia. How? They highjack the ones elected by the people to represent them.
    Can anyone see that the government of the USA is compelled to create phoney wars somewhere in the world after a gap of every few years. So who orders the US Govt. to do so? The War Mafia. Why? Wars are the easiest means of transferring the tax dollars paid by the hard working people of the USA into the coffers of the Mafia.
    What the people of the USA need most direly is not what they get. They need State funded Health service for all the citizens. A few US Presidents dared to try to do so. But could not. Why? The Mafia did not allow it.
    Who tells everyone that the people of the USA are free and democratic? The Mafia who enslaves them. Why do people of the USA and people everywhere in the world live in slavery? The people have not come out to organise Peoples’ Mafia i.e. A Union of the people, by the people, for the people. Not even when urged by the intellectuals among them. Not even when the Almighty commanded those who, night and noon pledge “My obedience is only for the Almighty.” Do we see the foundation of democracy i.e. Jumeeyah anywhere in those countries where people make that pledge night and noon? No we do not. Why? They are not sincere to their pledge. The people since time immemorial have taken the courage of becoming responsible citizens and always come together to work out the strategy of their survival through the democratic participation of all.
    Such a Union of the people by coming together regularly in their villages, in their localities is not a new thing. Buying slavery through their own votes also called democracy is the new thing.
    In the USA concerned people are still urging people to come together to organise their Union but it falls on the deaf ears of many. So is the case elsewhere in the world. When people commanded by the Almighty to organise their liberation from slavery by joining hands together to organise their Union, reject Almighty’s wonderful and highly beneficial command, why their fate will not remain under slavery of all sorts of undesirable few?
    Anyone and everyone interested in organising democracy will need to come out to organise coming together of residents regularly. Regularly in the localities where they live. Come out to solve their problems collectively, through self help, upholding justice thus maintaining peace. If there were Muslims anywhere in the world, they would be seen to have organised their democratic coming together in obedience to the Almighty. Alas the situation everywhere in the world testifies dearth of Muslims.

  2. Slowly but surely, the world is realizing that democracy is not the best system and that there are better systems of government that can replace democracy.

  3. No further comments are needed after gs’ comprehensive one. In democracy quantity overwhelms quality and mostly money makes the mare go.

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