Why democracy and martial law have both failed in Pakistan

CHITRAL: We have experienced Democratic periods and Martial law eras taking turns in Pakistan ever since independence. We have also seen that both the dispensations have brought nothing but misery to the country in one form or the other. A school of thought believes that democracy has not been given a fair chance due to abrupt military interventions. The thought may not be as valid as it appears to be prima facie. As an example we can consider the provincial government in KP province governing the province for the last ten years with a two third majority. What more chance does democracy need to prove itself here. Is the performance of the government appreciable by any standard? Isn’t corruption as much in practice as it was before? Isn’t the matters of governance as good or as bad as other times when democratic governments had hiccups and short stints?

The problem is actually with the people. Whether they constitute democratic governments or military dictatorships, the people in power (representing the society at large ) are dishonest people who do not care about right or wrong. The point to ponder is, why are the people so weak in the strength of their character? because they have never been taught to be good human beings. At home parents do not emphasize character building in their children, in schools and colleges teachers don’t consider it important to teach ethics and principles. Worst of all the religious preachers and prayer leaders (whom we turn to for all advices regarding how to go to jannat) never consider it important to even mention moral science. The result is a nation which considers dishonesty a normal and acceptable practice.

Having being nurtured in a way mentioned above, how can it be expected that rulers whether democratically elected or who bulldoze themselves in with guns, will deliver to make the country strong and respectable. Therefore preferring one system over the other given the ground realities, would be a futile wish.

The seeming way out, where Pakistan can breathe some fresh air is to adopt the system of Meritocracy  At least it will bring in talented persons selected through a transparent merit system, in place of the two rotten systems we are caught in between, although it may not completely cater for the gross moral decadence of the society. .. CN report, 04 Jan 2022.

One thought on “Why democracy and martial law have both failed in Pakistan

  1. There are people, millions upon millions of them living from Indonesia to Morocco who make a pledge, a promise, night and noon. Their promise is: I shall obey no one but the Almighty. Do see we those millions upon millions of them fulfulling their promise as such? No. We do not. This is the reason why they all bring all sorts of trouble upon themselves. The trouble is slavery.
    So what did the Almighty command those millions to do, to make them avoid slavery of their slave takers as we see them enduring in today? The all need to bring about the “Envy of peoples’ democracy” upon the lands on which those millions dwell. The Almighty called all those millions upon millions to come out of their homes to join hands with each other and work in their loclities to become responsible citizens collectively to bring about the rule of Virtues and make Vice obsolete.
    No Mafia shall dare to crop up where people shall come together to join hands with each other to work collectively for their own benefit by making enforcement of justice their most iportant task.
    Islaam is scarce where justice is scarce in the practices of majority of people.
    The welcome change shall never come to those people who do not change their habits. Changing habits starts with people at large giving up “Arrogance” i.e. boastful attitude. Can anyone obeying Satan very overtly be a Muslim? People who are boastful are in obedience of Satan. Giving up that habit is an step towards bringing the vital change in oneself. Humility helps people make friends whereas boastfulness makes people lose them.
    Every Muslim will see every benefit in organising their regular coming together i.e. Jumeeyah in obedience to the Almighty to work together to make the practice of justice a very common habit and practice among the masses.
    For as long those claiming to be Muslims will not show themselves coming out of their homes to join hands with each other to bring about the rule of justice everywhere they will never see the end of slavery they endure. Never.

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