Why are the roads of Chitral so poor?

CHITRAL: The roads of Chitral are the worst in the province, let alone the country. Every body knows this but not many would understand the reason for it. Some might attribute it to the weak elected representatives, inter alia the weak people, which may be true to some extent, but the main reason is that all VIPs who travel to Chitral do so by air. C130s, special planes and helicopters bring in the VIPs for their short jaunt to Chitral and leave them blind about the condition of roads..

Not a single President, Prime Minister, Chief minister Governor etc has travelled to Chitral on the road that 99.9 percent of travellers use everyday. The Chitralis instead of protesting this unfair practice rush to the airport to welcome the VIPs. They consider it a big privilege to be present at the airport to receive the VIP and consider that an end in itself.

Because of this phenomenon the VIPs are oblivious to the condition of the roads of Chitral. They, after getting a royal welcome by the ever welcoming people go back happy, announcing some paltry package which satisfies the Chitrali lot.

If all important people in the government are made to travel to Chitral by road at least once in their tenure, the condition of roads would improve dramatically. Otherwise we would only be demanding improvement of roads in speeches, press conferences and dishing out all parties declarations etc but condition would not change. .. CN report, 16 Sep 2022

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