Who is responsible for our problems?

We are a people beset with myriad of paradoxes. We believe in conspiracy theories and never let a moment go by without holding the Americans and the Jews responsible for our present imbroglio, but never do something tangible to steer out the Ummah of its current catch-22 position. We make ourselves vulnerable to threats both internal and external, but never spare a moment to curse the so called western conspirators. .

?We indulge in frivolities, but at the same time blame ourselves for not utilizing time in a proper way. We talk incessantly about the importance of time, but waste it in futile gossips. We never tire of talking of the golden age of the Muslims, but idle away our precious moments in the present times.

We are a people who never get tired of shifting responsibility for the current instability, but abdicate ourselves from the civic responsibilities.? We blatantly violate the traffic rules, but rile at the traffic police for negligence of duty. We offer kickbacks to officials for getting things done, but generate a debate on the evils of corruption in seminars and talk shows.

We are a people who have a propensity for short-cuts. We go to schools and universities for learning, but at the end we use unfair means to obtain degrees and get employment. We blame others for not lining up in a row outside a public office, but grease someone?s palm inside to relieve ourselves of the burden of prolonged waiting.

We are a people who preach honesty and fair dealing to others, but adopt the crooked ways to earn worldly gains.? We call our homeland the fortress of Islam, but house people like ?Double Shahs? and ?Aga Waqars? to hoodwink the innocent people. We admire people on their face, but talk ill of them at the back.

We are a people who want change in the political system of the country, but use our power of vote in the general elections in favor of the status-quo.? We glorify democracy, but feel nostalgic about dictatorship. We never take to streets in solidarity with a leader passing through hard times, but remember him as a savior of the country after he is hanged or exiled.

We are a people who propagate the teachings of brotherhood, compassion and tolerance, but when it comes to demonstrating such virtues at the opportune occasion we lose temper and publicly humiliate our fellow countryman with impunity. We always talk about presenting a soft image of our country abroad, but bring its name into disrepute by illegal activities.

We always talk tall of being a single Umma, but are divided on the grounds of sectarian, racial and ethnic affiliations. We profess to be Muslims believing in the Islamic brotherhood, but adore and take delight in ethnic and racial supremacy. We proclaim to be the followers of Islam, but never hesitate to slit the throats of the fellow Muslims in the name of Islam like the hardliner extremists who carry out acts terrorism across the country. .. Khalid Pervaiz Raza, Booni, Chitral 01 Dec 2017

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  1. we can only pray for the uplift of the umma in the present gloomy scenerio..may Allah help us bring a positive change in our lives.

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