When will our mosques start preaching character building?

CHITRAL: The institution of a mosque when established by our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was not only meant to be a place to offer collective prayers but it was supposed to serve much larger purpose. Mosque was then used to preach character building, particularly the primary Islamic values of Truthfulness and Trustworthiness ( Saadiq and Ameen).

Today mosques proliferate the Muslim landscape but unfortunately most of them do not preach preach anything about character building. The prayer leaders and Tableeghi preachers only stress on offering prayers in the mosque. For an impartial observer It appears that their comprehension of Islam is that Islam only begins with prayers and ends with prayers- nothing in between is important to them. Nothing is preached about practicing the spirit of prayers vis à vis the aspect of morality in the conduct of daily chores. The result is illustrated by the picture below of a mosque where the taps are secured with rough iron collars to prevent them from being stolen by the faithful.

Taps secured against theft in a Mosque ablution area
Taps secured against theft in a Mosque ablution area ( photo courtesy FB)

.. CN report, 09 Jul 2020


2 thoughts on “When will our mosques start preaching character building?

  1. I agree. It is high time mosques be used to preach human values and moral science alongside offering collective prayers. After all “Aadmiat kay liay paida kia insaan ko, warna taaet kay liay kuch km na thay karobian”-Iqbal.

  2. We the people at large suffer from the most fatal problem. Why is it that we expect everything to be done by others? Why do we think that we have to play no part in improving the quality of our life materially and spiritually.
    Why do we accuse the Mosques and the Ulamah ? Why do we not accept that if there is anything wrong it is with us i.e. the people at large. I agree with the complaint that mosques could change the topic and plead with worshippers to make our deeds such that our deeds prove that we are Muslims. But to behave in the way that proves that we are Muslims is our responsibility
    Udl wul Ehsaan is superfluous in thoughts, words and deeds of people where Muslims live. Where will anyone need to go to find such a place?
    One can say very confidently that it will be very hard to find a place where Udl wul Ehsaan is outpouring in the deeds of the people. This also means it will be very hard for find Muslims.
    We all want justice? True? In other words, we all want to eat a tasty fruit. So how many of us have tried to plant the tree that gives us that tasty fruit ? Similarly how many of us have justice in our thoughts, words and practices? If we do not practice justice and also urge others to do the same how will justice be a commonly found habit and practice?
    Is it not bad time that we all did the right thing. The right thing to do is to try to prove through our daily deeds that we indeed are Muslims. Muslims never leave anything to be done by the others. The Islamic State was created and run by the people thus they never left any room for any King, Ruler or Dictator to crop up. They were only a few hundred in number yetad no trouble in creating an Islamic State. Today there are millions claiming to be Muslims, yet NOT one Islamic State anywhere on the face of our earth. What is the reason? Those early Muslims were true Muslim and we? We prove ourselves to be fake. Non existence of any qiryah, qusbah, locality where Udl wul Ehsaan is superfluous is the proof. So my plea to all, myself included is to try to become Muslims and try to take responsibility to come together, join hands with each other to participate in making make Udl wul Ehsaan to be superfluous in our thoughts, words and deeds. It is us who has to do so collectively or it is not going to happen ever.

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