What may lie ahead on the political front?

Chitral — Political gossip is at its greenest these days. In Chitral where people have both interest in politics and ample of time at disposal, the future course of action the panama leaks envisage, is the hot topic of the day. Amidst different points and angles of view, a seasoned commentator on political affairs gave the following verdict:

According to the sage, the PML government has entered a dark alley and cannot come out in one piece. As the pressure to quit becomes unbearable, PM Sharif would instead of resigning himself, in a desperate move dissolve the Assembly and call for mid term elections.

The Army may not accept this as it would virtually mean ‘more of the same’ and instead it would through a soft intervention, with the help of the Supreme court, may institute a national government of technocrats for a period of at least two years.

This new government would besides carrying out ‘accountability’, hold a referendum and get approved an amendment in the constitution to install a Presidential form of government.

After that, the country will enter an era of economic social and political stability and sensibility where besides other positive changes, political black mailing by regional/religious parties would come to an end, he opined.

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