What is a threat to Islam and what is not (urdu video)

In the backdrop of constructing a Hindu temple in Islamabad

One thought on “What is a threat to Islam and what is not (urdu video)

  1. The video was also posted on the official facebook page of Chitralnews.com. https://www.facebook.com/ChitralNewsOfficial/posts/3258104410877487?notif_id=1594178996615898&notif_t=page_post_reaction
    It attracted 962 reactions, 80 percent of them being ‘like’ and ‘love’. It also attracted 198 comments and 657 shares. Interestingly despite having 80 percent likes the comments of the likers were few and mild like “shabash baiti” and “well said” etc. However the comments of those who did not like the video were far more in number inversely proportionate to the number of ‘likes’. Also the negative remarks were mostly vicious and using abusive language.
    The point to ponder is: Why is the voice of those who appreciate an idea so feeble and humble and the voice of those who oppose the idea so rough and violent? This question generally holds for any idea that is presented.

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