What are we being taught in Ramazan

Dear  Sir,

Every year the holy month of fasting is observed with strict reverence by Muslims world over. In fact fasting is the fourth tenet of Islam.

I have been observing over the years that during the month of Ramazan, religious preachers whether in the mosques or on television/social media, stressing upon the blessings of this holy month say that any one fasting during this month will come out clean of his/her previously committed sins at the end of the month.

The preachers however do not explain the kind of sins that will be washed away. I always wonder if a person has been committing sins against his fellow human beings or even against humanity at large, are his/her sins also going to be washed away too?.

To explain it further, let us say if a person is a habitual liar, cheater, hypocrite, adulterator of food stuff and medicines, financially corrupt, giver/taker of bribes, or even a killer, abductor for ransom, etc etc; Are these sins also going to be washed away by fasting in Ramazan? I have tried hard but so far have failed to comprehend this narrative regarding  the ‘blessing’ of fasting in this regard. In fact I strongly believe that because of these shortcut solutions presented by the religious clergy, Muslims do not even try to live an honest life, because they are told that they can shed  their past sins by fasting in Ramazan or performing Haj/umra.

No wonder Pakistani Muslims, whether they are leaders or disciples, are soiled with financial corruption upto their neck. They bask in the belief that their sins with respect to ‘huqooq ul Ibaad’ (rights of human beings) will be washed away with the quick fix recipe of observing fasts in Ramazan or going for Haj/umra.

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