Way to top up our treasury; get money, give privileges

Chitral: Primary concern of the new government seems to be filling the empty chests of the government treasury through fair and legal means. Many ways and methods are being considered for this. Because the people are now confident that their money would not be squandered by government functionaries, most are willing to contribute. The issue being discussed now is how to arrange and manage the collection of such money.

One way to do this could be to offer perks and privileges to people who deposit their money with the government. We have seen that Pakistanis are intrinsically status conscious. A proof of this status greed is that individuals pay crores of rupees to MPAs as bribe to elect them senators- only for seeking status and privileges. Instead of allowing such unethical practices why not have a scheme where those who deposit money with the government are given privileges according to their contribution. A scheme like such would attract heavy investment form expatriates and locals both.??.. CN report, 23 Aug 2018

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