Visitors to Shandur festival must travel by road instead of flying there

Pothole riddled Chitral Booni road (net photo)

CHITRAL: President Polo Association Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk has said talking to Chitral News that the every year the Shandur Polo Festival attracts visitors from all over the world including Pakistani VIP officials both civil and military. He said while visitors and tourists travel the dirt track called road, VIPs fly in airplanes and helicopters, enjoy the game and are gone within a couple of hours. He assertively said that this is the main reason why our roads are in deplorable condition because VIPs want to enjoy the beauty of the area but remain oblivious to the travails of the people.

The demand of the Polo President is that there is no need for begging, appealing or putting up long sipasnamas this time. The only and single demand of the people he said is that no VIP should visit Chitral, especially Shandur by air, instead take the road that every one takes. The High ups must personally experience the plight of the people who have to travel on these roads ever day and not only on Shandur festival day.

People of Chitral would echo the demand of the polo chief cum politician and add that VIPS must park their helicopters at the Lowari tunnel and personally experience the road to Chitral and Shandur instead of relying on ‘sab achha’ reports. That is the only way they can feel the pain of the people (if they have any heart) .. CN report, 02 Jun 2023

3 thoughts on “Visitors to Shandur festival must travel by road instead of flying there

  1. Wow! What a fantastic idea. Thank you Chitral News for publishing this. I hope it will make the VIP’s coming to Shandur think twice and those who still insist in coming by helicopters may this post make them feel very guilty.

  2. I think it is good idea, first they will see the road condition. However, the most important things is that it is good for their health and least they will have good exercise.

  3. It’s a good festival. I want to cover it regularly in my monthly sports magazine “Sportstimes”. Kindly send your PRs to my emaial. Thanks

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