“Verily we belong to God, and verily to Him do we return.”- Al Quran

CHITRAL: All eyes are gloomy and hearts sorrowful on the tragic accident of he PIA flight in Karachi. Loss of lives is always a sorrowful happening. In this case the passengers were mostly going home after a long time to spend Eid with their families only two days away. The crew of the airplane, the young passengers including a fresh graduate of the millitary academy heading home jubilantly, and other passengers equally deservant of living bit longer have all left their near and dear ones high and dry while themselves transcending into eternity. May Allah bless their souls and grant patience and fortitude to their families to bear the loss with grace and poise.

Disturbing news from the social media (hope they are untrue) is that before the authorities arrived on the crash scene some unscrupulous people were witnessed removing jewelry and money from the dead bodies and looting the damaged houses. Although it is abhorable to even think of such a ghastly act but given the moral abyss that we have descended to, the possibility cannot be ruled out.. It is high time that our religious preachers stop giving tips of getting sins pardoned otherwise there will be no restrain on committing sins like this and life will go on like this.  .. CN report, 23 May 2020

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