Utility Super Store opens in Chitral

Chitral .. A Super store by Utility Stores Corporation, first of it’s kind in the district was opened in Chitral City at Ataliq Bazar bye pass road.

MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikharudin addressed those gathered at the opening event. He said twenty more stores would be opened across Chitral. He thanked Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah for providing an ideal premise for a Super?market?which was no less than the utility store supermarkets in Islamabad and Peshawar. He also recounted the achievements of the Federal government in ?serving Chitral in various fields.

Wg Cdr Fardad Ali Shah proprietor?of the premise said it is time Chitral also should taste the facilities of an average?Pakistani city at least. He said he?had given the building at a much lower rent than the market price because it was a public benefit venture and he always sacrificed for the welfare of the people. He mentioned the huge transport Adda across the road and the deep water well in the heart of the commercial area which he had provided for?the relief of the unprivileged and downtrodden people,?at which the audience applauded lavishly. He thanked the MNA for his efforts in setting up the Utility Super Store.

Wg Cdr Fardad also paid compliments to Imran Khan for talking about a betterment?in the system of governance instead of?talking of building roads and bridges. Roads, nullas, bridges and buildings are only?bye products of governance?and if the governance improves?such things will automatically improve with it, he said.

The Regional Manager USC Shafiq thanked the MNA for helping and effectively supporting him in demanding and establishing various Utility stores in Chitral .. CN report, 16 May 2017.

5 thoughts on “Utility Super Store opens in Chitral

  1. Dear Editor, thanks for highlighting the issues…the roads are the very basic of all communication tools available to mankind….the present govt be it of Mian sb or Khans are doing tremendously good job ..I personally request them to sit together and discuss the issues of this country instead of diluting their energies and aspiring for chairs only..For the development of Chitral all the Chitrali intelligentsia,the technocrats and all those who have deep love for the soil of Chitral must come to a platform and chalk out solutions of our priority issues ..the chitralis will enjoy that quantum of energy the byproduct of that platform…and I assure you it is easy to do that… God bless Chitral,Pakistan and entire planet earth.

  2. I would like to thank Wg.Cdr.(r) Fardad Ali Shah for his extensive cooperation in this regard. The location of Super Store selected and launched by the USC of Federal Government is highly appreciated particularly at the time when the Holy Ramadan is arriving in the last week of this month. The Provincial Government is also requested to share the public welfare and adopt measures to control the price-hike of food staffs and vegetables in the city.

  3. ” It is easy to open a shop but difficult to keep it open” says a Chinese proverb. If the USC staff are sincere with their job, this store can become a top performer in the province due to absence of such facility around and it’s congenial location and size. However if they follow their past performance of shirking work and discouraging sales, then it will end up like the other utility stores in the district. Best wishes for the new facility in town.

  4. I went to do shopping in the Utility store but found it closed. On asking why so? I was told it is closed on Sundays. Weekends are when maximum people are free and do their shopping. If this is the schedule then I’m afraid the utility store will not go far.

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