Use of Mosques for election campaign should be banned

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed paper I want to point out that in the past the sanctity of mosques have been violated by using the pulpit for political purposes. Election campaign is again gaining momentum in Chitral and candidates are heading to mosques to address the prayer goers asking for votes. The Election commission must impose a ban on using mosques for election campaigns whether directly or indirectly. The religious clerics should also be watched closely so they don’t exploit the advantage they have of ready access to the pulpit always. I hope this suggestion of mine is taken seriously for the benefit of democracy and Islam both. .. Akhtar Ali, Chitral 24 Jun 2018

One thought on “Use of Mosques for election campaign should be banned

  1. As expected the Mullahs have started using the pulpit for their election campaign, though tacitly and indirectly.
    In today Friday sermon the Mullah said if you associate yourself with ulema and cooperate with them in every day life (read elections) you will go to jannat and if you associate with liberal people you will go to hell. This is blatant misuse of the mosque and the pulpit during the crucial days of elections. People are mostly illiterate and follow the mullah for fear more than anything else.

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