Use mosques to improve society

Chitral: The rapidly deteriorating moral fiber of our society is because no importance is given to character building and moral science. Mosques can prove a great nursery for preaching and nurturing moral values, but what we see, mosques are only used for praying and when speeches are delivered they are all about Huqooq Allah (religious rituals) only. No importance is given to Huqooq ul Ibaad (character building). The result is that people are becoming prayer goers in increasing numbers while their moral fiber is deteriorating in the same proportion.

The continuing alarming spate of suicides in Chitral would not have reached this stage if prayer leaders had stressed upon the sanctity of human life and the sin of committing suicide early enough. Similarly the alarming rate of telling lies, hypocrisy, bribery, adulteration, forgery etc would not have reached this stage had our Ulema preached against them.

If Mosques, Imam bargahs, Jamat Khanas are used for preaching moral values besides offering prayers the society can improve greatly in this respect. Our Ulema and religious scholars should put their heads together and device methods how Mosques can best be used for improving the character traits of Muslims alongside prayers and rituals. .. CN report, 11 Aug 2018

3 thoughts on “Use mosques to improve society

  1. Great idea, it is simple and doable if our religious leaders spend 10 minutes one time each day after prayer for this noble cause, the destiny of our society would be changed within a year or two.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Moral decadence is seen not only in the general public but glaringly visible in our leaders also. Ever since horse trading in Senate elections started, our MPAs have been regularly selling their votes. Only exception was with MMA MPAs who did not sell their votes, It is not known whether it was for the fear of Allah or being naive about how to do it.
    In the last Assembly, all three of Chitral’s MPAs sold their votes. This time on there is a Kalash MPA and we hope he will not sell his vote because in his religion there is no forgiveness for financial sins.

  3. Why leave it to the Mosques? In which Mosque, Church or Synagogue will people not hear invitation to become good persons and bring about the good habits badly needed in our everyday life?
    Do we as citizens have any responsibility to organise ourselves to work to bring about the good habits and refrain from bad habits among the people at large?
    Why do we expect anything coming from others? What is wrong with ourselves? Do we all not need to bring about good habits in our everyday life.
    We all want justice. Do we not? But how can justice be commonly found habit when we ourselves refrain from the practice of justice?
    How do we establish if Muslims live in a township, a qusbah or a qiryah? Udl wul Ehsaan will be superfluous in the thoughts, words and deeds of the people where Muslims live.
    Can we find any place where Muslims live?

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