Upper Chitral residents perpetually protesting lack of basic needs

CHITRAL: The residents of upper Chitral are seen always in the protest mode over the lack of basic facilities. Sometime it is for the lack of a proper road, repair of a broken bridge, lack of electricity supply, lack of medical facilities etc etc.

Pakistan is 75 years old and yields fair amount of natural resources and able bodied manpower. Why is it that while other countries have progressing and prospering, we have been sinking deeper and deeper under our own weight. The reason is obvious and known to all. We have never had honest leaders. All who come to power put themselves before anything else and grind their own axe, damn caring for the well being of the country and the people. At this moment in time we are carrying a backbreaking baggage of foreign debts and liabilities and are virtually living off borrowed money.

A typical protest of the people of upper Chitral for basic needs

The World bank and IMF have been lending money to Pakistan but were either unable or uninterested to check the frittering away of their lent money through corruption and wastage. The lending agencies should get strict now. They should dictate Pakistan to drastically reduce it’s imports, slash overhead expenses of the government by 75 percent, and take complete cognizance of Pakistan’s economy by closely monitoring the pilferage and the dacoities committed on the national exchequer.

Left to our own managers, it has not worked and will not work ahead also due to various incorrigible reasons. Therefore, the IMF and World Bank (our benefactors) should seriously oversee Pakistan’s economic management vis vis the waste and the plunder. Only then will the people of Upper Chitral and more such deprived people of Pakistan will get their due rights. .. CN report, 03 Feb 2021

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